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In this episode we discuss the biggest stories in the world in 2010 and make predictions for 2011. We discuss putting cats in garbage bins, the Emmy death montage, circus triathalons and the blessed union of two people we don’t like. Also, who will be the biggest name in 2011: Kevin James or Ashton Kutcher? [...][1]

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Tim: "It would have been loincloths [in The Flintstones], except they weren't allowed to show nipples in cartoons."

Tom: "Is that true?"

Tim: "No, nipples are just really hard to draw."

Tom: "They're a circle, they're one of the easiest body parts to draw ... I'll draw you nipples!"

Tim: "I know, I've seen your doodles! Nipples strewn about."


Tom: "You've seen my nipple notebooks?"

Tim: "It's quite distressing, actually."


Tom: "By the way, I give Bill Gates a lot of credit for not being a gigantic pervert. Can I say that? ... he has enough money to be like, the weirdest pervert. And he abstains!"

Tim: "Are you saying if you had the freedom to be a pervert, you would just be a huge pervert?"


Tom: "You live in constant fear of Buzzfeed, don't you."

Tim: "I don't think that's an irrational fear!"


Tim: "If I see ... someone who looks a little too proud of himself- I'll wait til he passes then I'll turn around and give him the finger."


Tim: "I'm going to take off my co-host hat, and put on my predicting hat."

Tom: "You've actually got some sort of frock on."

Tim: "It's nice, I had it made up, it cost me a fortune. My Mom made it."

Tom: "It's very nice, I like the bedazzling."


Tim: "We should have had you do the predictions, cause then we could have called it 'NostraTOMus'."


Tim: "If President Obama's listening, I'd like him to consider this-"

Tom: "He's listening, he writes in every week ... and we never have time for his questions, either. His Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems are always about the economy."


Tom: "I would like to orchestrate some kinda campaign to convince North Korea that like, I dunno.. Batman is real or something."

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