Episode blurb Edit

In this episode, stuff happens: Tom talks like Oprah Charles Shultz was a jerk Going out Thelma and Louise style Big plans for TCGTE!! Back to the Future 2 Becoming Reality Awful 80s Nostalgia Creepy Japanese Robots Society's unfair treatment of Ben Affleck Nostradamus was a jerk Remakes of movies starring dogs More adventurous pornography [...][2]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tom: "It's pretty quiet around here too, we've given most of the staff the week off."


Tim: "Where's Gwen Stefani right now? she's missing out on declaring this the year Twenty-Gwen."

Tom: "This is what you meant when you said, 'We don't need notes for this show, I have stuff to talk about'?"


Tim: "Tell us why we shouldn't declare this year Twenty-Ben."

Tom: "Cause we're doing it right now."


Tom: "You're proposing some kind of milk internet."

Tim: "Yes!"

Both: "A milkernet."


Tim's 2010 Predictions Edit

  • "It'll be popular to remake movies but with dogs in the leading roles"
  • "Porn is going to get way more adventurous ... we'll be live-streaming porn."
  • "Milk plumbing. A milk delivery system. Right next to the water faucet, you have a milk faucet."



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