Episode blurb Edit

In this episode we discuss bars, pubs and the goings-on inside these establishments. Topics include: Getting a bartender's attention Adventures waiting on bathroom lines Illicit drug use in bar restrooms Tom's tips for girls interested in flirting at bars Tim's admiration a certain big box electronics retailer[1]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tom: "Why do you keep bringing up Best Buy?! Are they paying you to talk about them?"


Tom: "Were you at Best Buy today or something? Did they brainwash you?"

Tim: "I'm at Best Buy most days - you know this, Tom, we both are."


Tim: "I think I wanna get big and strong so I can physically intimidate people."

Tom: "Fiscally?"

Tim: "Physically. I can already fiscally intimidate them, Tom."

Tom: "'I will buy and sell you!'"


Tim: "Every time I tried to ascertain if cocaine has a smell, I went crazy for some reason!"

Tom: "I got all hyper!"


Tim: "Sam Malone was played by, of course, Ted Handsome."

Tom: "That's your favourite joke."


Tom: "Now what kind of guarantee does Best Buy have against a GeekSquad guy sleeping with my wife?"


Tim: "So you're trying to intimidate a guy and a fart- I mean, a fight is about to start..."

Tom: "A fart is about to start...!"


Tom: "This is bullshit, and I'm sick of it. Just shut up, I'm sick of hearing this and I demand that you drop this shit and you fess up."

Tim: "Alright. I admit it. Best Buy?"

Tom: "Yeah?"

Tim: "Provide the best products, the best service, at wonderful prices!"

Tom: "Bullshit!"


Tom: "If you have any Human Centipede fanfiction, you can send it to Tim, especially if you mention Best Buy in it."




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