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In this episode we recount a recent camping trip and share what we've learned. We also discuss: - An excellent trick idea for street magicians - Selling mugs for surly office workers - Walmart sells machetes for $6.88!! - A very long conversation about one specific Wiffle Ball game - Getting harassed by a teenager [...][1]

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Tom: "What's goin' on, Tim, Timbo, T-Bone.. can I call you T-Bone?"

Tim: "Yeah. Can I call you T-Bone?"

Tom: "Sure, why not?"

Tim: "So, T-Bone, what's new?"

Tom: "T-Bone, not that much."

Tim: "This is great."

Tom: "Have we done this before? I feel like we've done this exact, stupid bit. Multiple times."


Tim: "I hate the word 'blouse'. You know what, it reminds of the name 'Blanche' ... and I think I hate the name 'Blanche' because it reminds me of the world 'blouse'. So it's a feedback loop that just makes me angry."

Tom: "You're turning red just sitting there thinking about it. I imagine 9 times out of 10 you meet a Blanche she's wearing a blouse."


Tim: "Co-workers are not friends, everybody, let's get that straight."

Tom: "I remind my co-workers of that every day!"

Tim: "You are not my friend, you are my boss. Now get the fuck out of my office."


Tom: "You wanna know how my weekend was? listen to my goddamn podcast."


Tom: "What are the laws on child labour if it's done in the construct of a... a fake preschool?"


Tim: "I hate everything about Walmart except their goddamn low prices ... there was a machete for $6.88! ... I don't know why we didn't buy 12 machetes ... actually, I do know why, 'cause of that guy we were camping with that we thought might go nuts and kill all of us."


Tom: "What we did not anticipate was that the teenager would have a park ranger with a gun with her."

Tim: "And the ability to write us not one but two $50 tickets ... not to be a misogynist but they were both ladies."

Tom: "Yeah, 'Not to be a misogynist but they were dumb broads!'"

Tim: "No!"


Tim: "I stopped hiding my drinking when I turned 21."

Tom: "Dunno if you've heard, Tim, but each week I do a podcast where I drink openly."