Episode blurb Edit

In this episode, two non-celebrities talk at length about the nature of celebrity. In a Freaky Friday-esque twist, minds are blown as Tom and Tim seemingly completely change personalities when arguing about Justin Bieber or Joaquin Phoenix or something. Also, what the hell was the deal with The Love Boat?[1]

Quotes Edit

Tim: "I don't think a Toyota corolla is a safe place to be during a tornado."


Tim: "I'm Tim, I'm the one who looks like the 300 movie star."

Tom: "Gerard Depardieu?"

Tim: "Gerard Butler."

Tom: "Yeah, I can see you as a butler."


Tom: "If you'd put your money on Ben Affleck when we told you to, you'd be sitting pretty bout now."


Tim: "What do you want to talk about now? Bieber?"

Tom: "Beaver? I beg your pardon, Tim. This is a family podcast."


Tim: "I rarely agree with you, sir. With your big stupid horse face."

Tom: "I... uh.."

Tim: "What's that, horseface?"

Tom: "You can compare me to a lot of people, but you cannot compare me to Sarah Jessica Parker, sir."


Tom: "Old people that skydive are just ejaculating in those suits, probably."


Tim: "If you RSVP yes, if you show up, Tom will kiss you on the mouth."

Tom: "Not necessarily the case."

Tim: "Man or woman. Man or beast!"


Tim: "We have a lot of canine listeners. Dogs go nuts when they hear this show."

Tom: "That's probably the high-pitched squeal that I make."

Tim: "Probably keeps teenagers from listening, too."