Episode blurb Edit

In this week's episode, Tom and Tim explore the phenomenon that is Chat Roulette. Also discussed: - More about haircuts - 80s Saxaphone Hits - A listener tells a tale of charity gone wrong - Rude or Shrewd?[1]

Quotes Edit

Tim: "For the first time ever we visited this website Chat Roulette- oh hey, there was a pretty girl! ..I'm still on Chat Roulette."


Tim: "Tom, you vamp for a while - I'm making friends on the internet."


Tim: "As much fun as we had - I've never seen as many penises in such short a time."


Tim: "What happened was, she cut all that hair away, and realised under all that hair you're not actually that attractive."


Tom: "We should have a segment- 'Rude or Shrewd?'"

Tim: "Post on our FB some of the rude things you do. We'll tell you how to turn shrewd!"


Tom: "What is your problem with 'Maneater', by the way? ... it's maybe the pinnacle of modern music composition."

Tim: "First of all, saxophones, Tom, I can't get behind saxophones."

Tom: "If there's anything you can get behind, it's saxophones."

Tim: "I have a negative association-"

Tom: "What's your negative association?"

Tim: "I was almost eaten by a maneater."


Tim: "Wow, Tom, whatcha been drinking there?"

Tom: "A whooole lot."


Tom: "If they had like 'Saxophone songs that are awesome from the 80s', I would buy that in a heartbeat!"

Tim: "I would murder you with it. I'd break that CD in half and slit your throat with it. Cut your jugular open while you slept."


Tom: "Break out your saxophone."

Tim: "I don't own a saxophone, Tom."

[Tom laughs]

Tim: "Were you going to make a skin flute joke?"

Tom: "No! I was going to make a saxophone joke. Pervert!"


Tim: "Hey, someone just has the video on their dining room set ... I like that, it's wholesome.

Tom: "Stick around, it'll be someone masturbating before you know-"

Tim: "Uuuhhhhhh!"

Tom: "There you go."


Anecdotes Edit

Tim Edit

"My babysitter is bringing me to preschool, she straps me in the back of the car ['Maneater' starts behind this] and 'Maneater' is playing- blasting. And the next thing you know, she slams my hand in the car door ... I'd like to think it wasn't that I was a terrible kid. I was an obnoxious kid. I didn't go to the hospital or anything. I'm thinking I was probably just being a bit of a wuss about it ... but anyway, 'Maneater' was playing ... and that fucking sax is going."



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