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Pour yourself a hot cup of joe and listen to this episode in which we discuss all types of coffee and the culture surrounding it, but mostly just complain about one specific employee at one coffee shop. Also, we talk about Paul McCartney not being able to afford a horn section, breaking celebrity news, a dissection of Hardy Boys novels and take suggestions from the Facebook wall.[1]

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Tim: "The problem this week is that we both have way too much energy. It's screwing us up. Who's the curmudgeon?"


Tim: "This girl asked me if she looked like Grace Kelly because of what get-up she was wearing that day-"

Tom: "Did she look old and dead?"


Tim: "Play along for a bit and gain [Ron's] trust and then burn him. Burn him literally. Burn him with the hottest coffee you can find."


Tim: "Is my Roomba a slave?"

Tom: "Yeah, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. I've recently emancipated your Roomba."