Episode blurb Edit

Fraternities, Tom's terrible RA work, blaming everything on 9/11, Tim's work as a maid, and scamming free pizza from the FBI. Also: when its acceptable to smash someone else's television and how to get beat up by one of the Foo Fighters.[2]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tim: "I was supposed to attend training on September 11th. I got an angry call on September 12th, like, 'What the hell, Tim', like the biggest disaster in US history didn't happen-"

Tom: "Buildings were falling as this was going on-"

Tim: "-a 1/2 mile away... oh you know why I didn't call? The phones didn't work. The world fucking stopped. Thousands of people died. Sorry!"


Tim: "Lowlight of my college career - I threw a chair through [my roommate's] television. I've never been that angry about anything ... he was mad, but what's he gonna do?"

Tom: "Make you buy him a new TV?"

Tim: "Nope!"


Tim: "My biggest regret is-"

Tom: "-not becoming a Muppet?"


Anecdotes Edit

Tom: "So the desk staff were acting really weird all day. Found out later there were 12 FBI agents in a room ordering pizza all day long. They told the staff 'just play it cool and when Roger Phillips comes to pick up his package, just hit the button under your desk' ... this idiot had had his friend mail him pot. Like, 5lb of pot. But they have ways of checking for that in the mail, sniffer dogs, etc ... apparently the second he signed he got tackled so hard by all these FBI agents. But they left the pizza there, we got free pizza. "The highlight of my college career - free pizza from the FBI!"



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