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Some frank discussion about putting tubes up your butt, dentists with TVs, the introduction of "The Gauntlet" and of course Final Destination 3D.[2]

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Tom: "I always worry when we record something early - what if one of us dies in between recording and it coming out?"


Tim: "So the lemon cleanse thing didn't really cleanse me of anything."

Tom: "Yeah, it just made you frail."


Tom: "It's my secret shame that I once had a colonic. Everyone was doing it."

Tim: "Most people experience peer pressure for other things."


Tom: "There's some tiny Thai woman trying to shove a tube in my butt, and I don't want that. I mean, I paid for it..."


Tim: "If I did this in Soho, some hot chick will be putting things up there."

Tom: "There's no way that your asshole is gonna impress her."

Tim: "I'm not looking to impress her, but it's the only way a hot girl's finger is gonna be in my ass."