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In this episode we discuss traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, the perfect place for family fun!!! We also discuss: - Clean versions of ODB albums - Surviving water parks - Horses on planes - Flirting with Snow White...[1]

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Tim: "I'm kinda the main guy, you're the warm-up act."


Tim: "Have you been to space, Tom?"

Tom: "Of course I've never been to space."

Tim: "I have. In Florida, at the Walt DisneyWorld."


Tim: "Ever seen a variety show hosted by a talking frog?"

Tom: "What?"

Tim: "Have you seen a pig, in 3 dimensions, singing in a sailboat?"

Tom: "I've seen a pig in 3 dimensions singing, but not in a sailboat."

Tim: "It's called the moppet 3d adventure. 3 dimensions of moppets."


Tim: "Tom, this may surprise you, but I don't work out."

Tom: "No? What's all that grunting and moaning I hear all the time?"

Tim: "Let's not get into that."


Tim: "I don't like water slides, they hurt your genitals cause you go down so fast. Know what I mean? Know what I mean by genitals, Tom?"


Tom: "Did anyone try and pull any-"

Tim: "-pants down?"

Tom: "That wasn't what I was gonna ask."

Tim: "I got pantsed 5 or 6 times."


Tim: "I'm surprised, with all the assholes in this world, that more people don't die on waterslides."


Tim: "The horse's inner ear is all screwed up from the pressure and it's gonna go crazy!"

Tom: "Even with blinders on, it's gonna freak!"


Tim: "Capture some video of a horse in zero gravity? that movie writes itself."


Tim: "I also met Minnie Mouse. She's a bit of a firecracker, that one. She got a little handsy with me."


Tom: "Ariel, the Little Mermaid? She was hot." Tim: "That's because she's a redhead."


Tim: "I got kicked off the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ride for saying the F word."


Tom: "Remember the first time you met with somebody, having only made plans over IM?"

Tim: "Are you talking about the prostitutes- the girls you meet in chatrooms, Tom?"