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Boris Yelsten drunk in his underwear at the White House, George W. scaring prisoners straight, Johnny Cash and Mr. Ed, Tom meets Nicholas Cage and listener suggestions![2]

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Quotes Edit

Tim: "This is gonna be freewheeling. I'm not wearing underpants - let's go!"


Tim: "I like that your Johnny Cash impression is the same as your Mr. Ed impression."


Tom: "Someone asked whether he had done any research into orchids. Cage says, [Cage voice]: 'Well actually, I am an avid orchid collector.' And I cracked up, because I thought he was making a joke. And he shot me the fucking dirtiest look and just locked eyes with me."


Tim: "Ghost stories are always subtle shit, like 'I came home and the hankerchief was folded neatly on the table'."

Tom: "Yeah there's no 'I came home and a man was hanging from a meat hook in my shower'.."


Tom: "We always want these episodes to be shorter than they are."

Tim: "Yeah, but we're just too fucking entertaining."