Episode blurb Edit

TCGTE's 42nd annual Fall TV preview show! We discuss all your soon-to-be favorite new shows! Shows that are blatant movie rip-offs, shows that are about detectives, shows about MILFs, they're all here!.[1]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tom: "Is there a show about a sexy cougar detective? Cause if not, we need to delete this podcast cause I'm going to create one."


Tim: "What the ghosts don't realise is that ghosts can't fuck humans."

Tom: "Yup, they go straight through."


Tom: "Tim has a confession to make."

Tim: "Yeah, I had not sent out any of the stickers any of those times that I'd insisted I had."

Tom: "Fucking lying asshole."

Tim: "Suddenly we're at the bar & drunk off our ass, so I finally confessed. But I have sent them now."



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