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Tim wins TCGTE's #1 fan contest Method podcasting White Castle destroys us Tim eats too much candy The Stepford A&W Employees KFC's Secrets Recipe (Hint: It's racism) Where's the Beef Lady Strikes Out on Her Own Free Marketing Idea: Haunted Wendy's Taco Bell Literally Almost Kills Tom Tim's Future Career as a Celebrity Reporter T&T [...][2]

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Tim: "You know I'm your biggest fan, Tom."

Tom: "I know - you're the president of my fan club, I let you on the show every week..."

Tim: "And I appreciate that."

Tom: "I mean, true to my word - I had that contest in Ep 1, biggest fan gets to be on the show ... and it's my fault, I didn't limit how many times you could be on."

Tim: "I just keep showing up. I know where you record this now."


Tom: "Right now, I'm terrified of farting and pooping my pants on this broadcast."

Tim: "I'm terrified I'm going to sneeze and it's going to be like, 5 types of diarrhea in my pants."


Tom: "T-bone!"

Tim: "T-bone! ...we need new nicknames for each other."


Tim: "Tom's good at the tummy drums!"

Tom: "Yeah I'd do a tummy drum solo right now but I don't want to be a show off."

Tim: "That and you'd shit your pants 'cause you ate all that White Castle."


Tim: "What 'best movie ever made' has ever lived up to the hype?"

Tom: "The Dark Knight."

Tim: "You are just an asshole."