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The frequently asked for Complete Guide to Hip Hop with special guest Algernon! In this episode we also discuss: Balloon Boy, When is it ok to call a woman a girl?, Jay-Z, Brian Wilson's rap career, Wu-Tang, Shitty Teenage Jobs, Thanksgiving (USA!), Fake Free Masons, AJ's Haunted House, and much, much more![1]

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Algernon Regla joins Tim and Tom for this episode.

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Tim [On balloon boy]: "But why was I so goddamned riveted?"

Tom: "You thought a 6-year old boy was 11,000ft up in the air."

Tim: "But I always assume there's a 6 year old in peril, at any time. Stuck somewhere, menaced by coyotes..."


Tom: "My [Amazon] pick of the week is aluminum benches."

Tim: "How much?"

Tom: "Only $10,927.37. 19% off the retail price!"

Tim: "That's a steal."


Tim: "Nobody's ever called me a man."

Tim: "I can attest to that."


AJ: "Ghostface just came out with a new album, which is awesome."

Tim: "No it's not, you dick!"