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In this super-sized episode of TCGTE we discuss: Tom's college thesis on Mr. Rogers Why Tim and Tom should not have graduated from college Making reservations at public restrooms Dance-fighting with meth addicts Awful Starbucks employees Dance-fighting with a lying homeless man Tim and Tom solve your problems and offer revenge solutions Tiger Woods vs. [...][2]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tim: "If I could give one piece of advice to the college student of today - just shut the hell up and do the damn work."


Tom: "We were talking before the show ... about the handful of reviews on iTunes that just say, 'Man these guys are really dumb'. I don't mind when people say we're not funny or we're annoying, but I get mad when people say we're dumb."

Tim: "Yeah but we don't prove that we're not dumb."

Tom: "We give no evidence to the contrary."


Tim: "I didn't know about this... meth addiction is a huge problem!"

Tom: "Really?"

Tim: "Yeah I got addicted to meth pretty badly on tour."


Tom: "We're thinking of doing a live show in London, we're just working out the logistics of it."

Tim: "They can't hear you right now, they're screaming like they've got Beatlemania."


Tom: "What should we call it?"

Tim: "'Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems'."

Tom: "That's a good one. Cause that'll be rarely what happens."


Tim: "When you [want to] flake out on something, and people are calling and texting you, you just ignore it. And then you say 'Oh I just fell asleep'-"

Tom: "You do that to me all the time, you fucking asshole ... I know that's what you're doing, and now you've just admitted to it."

Tim: "I don't actually do it to you-"

Tom: "Yeah fuck you."



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