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John Stamos cancels again / Memorial Day Kids are rude / Product Brainstorming for ripping off kids / (Silly Bandz) / Giving directions when you don't know directions / Ripping your friend's heart out while on shrooms / T&T Take Your Call: What happened to ladies night? What does Tim do with his beard? What is good cheap beer? T&T [...][1]

Quotes Edit

Tom: "I'm Tom, and my guest tonight is Tim."

Tim: "Thanks for having me. It's been my dream to be on this show."

Tom: "John Stamos dropped out again, last minute."

Tim: "It's not the first time I've filled in for Stamos, I apprecaite the opportunity."


Tom: "This is one of the problems I have with myself - that I don't spend enough time trying to figure out a way to swindle kids."


Tom: "I think no matter what the product is, it should be named At Least It's Not Heroin."


Tom: "What do you do with your beard for fun?"

Tim: "I take it with me pretty much everywhere I go. I show it a good time. It likes sauce."


Tim: "We brew our own beer and ship it overseas to the teenagers who listen to us."

Tom: "What could go wrong? At least it's not heroin."


Tim: "Were you gonna say something-"

Tom: "No, go ahead. It's half your show."

Tim: "60%. Read your contract!"

Tom: "It's 51-49. I have the controlling stake."


Tom: "You can follow me at With an R. Well the Reynolds part with an R. The Tom part with a T."