Back story Edit

In Episode 132: Underwear, Tom introduces the segment @46:30[1] as an alternative to the traditional bucket list one makes of things to do before they die.

The List Edit

Tom's Entries Ep # Tim's Entries Ep #
Have a working knowledge of the New York Subway map 132 To bang on a taxi hood and declare "Hey, I'm walking here!" 133
Learn how to spell "Guarantee" 135 Travel on a train and at least put his suitcase in the sleeper car 137
Try Clam Chowder 148 Learn all the words to a song 149
Go into a bar and read a book 279 Learn how to say ABBA confidently 172
Be introduced to a monkey 346 Eat a Kosher Meal on an airplane 205
Learn some of the phonetic alphabet 246
Go into a diner alone and just have a slice of pie 259
Give up seat on the bus to somebody who deserves it more without being weird and awkward about it 284

References Edit

  1. Episode 132: Underwear