Episode blurb Edit

This week we discuss some big stories in the news, and Tom talks about a strangely depressing dream he had. - Samurai Sword Porn Star - Guatemalan sinkholes! - What is the Silver Surfer's deal? - There is apparently some sort of oil leak - Shaving the heads of corpses - Questions about donating a [...][1]

Quotes Edit

Tim: "How about we just don't do this?"

Tom: "No editing this week?"

Tim: "No, we just skip doing this. We go get a burger. I have a nap."


Tim: "Does [the Guatemalan sinkhole] go all the way to the centre of the earth?"

Tom: "It comes pretty close, Tim."

Tim: "Do they have to line the perimeter with the military so none of the molepeople can get out?"

Tom: "Yeah."

Tim: "That'd be terrible! There's probably molepeople climbing up with their spelunking gear right now."


Tim: "Are you an organ donor, Tom?"

Tom: "I don't have a license right now, it's expired, but yes. Cause I need a kidney."


Tim: "If someone REALLY needs [an organ], you can have it before I die."

Tom: "I'm very nervous someone's going to ask for 1 of my kidneys."


Tom: "I give [you] a kidney, you're gonna take me to Disneyworld every year."

Tim: "Or like I get 80% of your wages for the rest of your life."


Tim: "It should be 'The Complete Guide to Everything featuring Tim'."

Tom: "Alright, that's-"

Tim: "Y'know why, Tom? Nobody likes you."