Episode blurb Edit

North Korea, Mad Men Abridged, Winning Porn Bingo, Avoiding Tipping.[2]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tim: "I know nothing about the Korean War. And I blame my schooling."
Tom: "I blame your low intelligence."


Tim: "It could have been a G-rated movie, if it weren't for all the genitals on the cover."


Tim: "I wanted to sit down, and it hit me right in the diaphragm. And I went HUNNGH."
Tom: "They probably thought you were masturbating."


Tom: "I stop coffee, cold turkey. But 24 hours later I found myself at 2am in a stop-and-shop parking lot-"
Tim: "In a cold sweat, shaking-"
Tom: "Running out of the store with a warm case of cherry Pepsi, just like guzzling it-"
Tim: "You drank all 12 cans right there in the parking lot didn't you. You didn't even get up to pee, you just peed right there in the lot."



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