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In this episode we talk and talk and talk. Topics include Tiger Woods, Crystal Pepsi, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and LeBron James teaming up to make Tim feel old, Tom's continued hatred of those less fortunate than him and the hit movie The Rocketeer.[1]

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Tom: "How was life on the railways?"

Tim: "Terrible. I don't know how to fend for myself."

Tom: "I found you down the docks!"

Tim: "Huddled in the foetal position. I hadn't eaten in a week!"


Tom: "You're a fraud, Tim, you can't name more than one Beatles song."


Tom: "They say we're going to live forever now, they're gonna put our heads on robots."

Tim: "Who says this. Name one person who says this."

Tom: "...Scientists?"

Tim: "Name a famous scientist."

Tom: "Einstein! J. Edgar Hoover!"


Tim: "Welcome to the least-focused episode of The Complete Guide to Everything."


Tim: "You can't just drink all evening and then decide to set up some microphones and ramble for an hour."

Tom: "Certainly not ... nobody wants to listen to that. Even if you made it free."

Tim: "Nobody wants your free rambling podcast."


Tim: "Would you like me to go through all the ways that I'VE been pleasantly rejected by females?"


Tom: "We get a lot of drunk [Facebook] wall posts."

Tim: "Which we welcome."

Tom: "I dunno if I welcome being the sluts of the podcasting world."


Tim: "Didn't you hate, the next day at school, when everyone was all 'Did you see Tool Time last night?'"

Tom: "That bothered you huh."

Tim: "They'd say 'Al Bundy' and 'Tool Time', no, you mean Married with Children and Home Improvement, jackass."