Popular Bits and Running Gags Edit

Ordered by highest to lowest number of occurrences.

Episode First occurrence Episode Count
The Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems theme tune plays Episode 214: Trains 77
Batman is mentioned Episode 5: Letters to Famous Prisoners 62
Tom does a questionable accent Episode 9: The Beatles 55
Episodes mentioning their empire/interns/employees/crew Episode 8: New York City and Yuppies vs. Ice Cream 31
They mention having wives, kids Episode 42: Bars 27
Home alone movie/novel mentioned Episode 15: Hip Hop 26
It's "so hot" in the room Episode 19: Arnold Schwarzenegger 25
The Muppets are mentioned Episode 18: College, Sophomore Year 24
Tim hates/is scared of teenagers Episode 4: Weird Al 23
Episodes mentioning Starbucks Episode 6: North Korea and Winning Porn Bingo 21
They talk about how "fat" Tom is Episode 2: Time Travel 20
One of them has just been/is sick Episode 27: Being Sick 20
Jeopardy is mentioned Episode 23: 90s Sitcoms, TGIF Edition 15
Time travel is mentioned Episode 2: Time Travel 12
PTOAYDKEUTNYTPIOTY Of the Week Episode 77: Coffee 12
Tim only likes short movies Episode 15: Hip Hop 12
Tim hates the Baby Boomers Episode 9: The Beatles 11
'50 Shades of Tim' Segment or segment mention Episode 163: Fears: Elevators 10
Tim references The Real World: San Francisco Episode 29: Fast Food 10
Mundane Bucket List Episode 132: Underwear 9
Tom has/used to have an amazing/crazy job Episode 1: Michael Jackson 9
They're so old Episode 10: Fall TV 8
They call each other T-Bone Episode 29: Fast Food 8
"What if we die before this comes out?" Episode 13: Colon Health and Final Destination 8
Billy Joel songs used as T&TSYP theme Episode 289: Joining A Gym 8
Episodes mentioning horses on a plane/Tim's fear of horses Episode 57: Air Travel 8
Tim hates people talking about their dreams Episode 50: Winning the Lottery 7
Pop Everything is mentioned Episode 223: Electronic Dance Music 7
Tim says the Ted Danson/Ted Handsome joke Episode 12: Drunk Presidents and Nicolas Cage 6
Tim quits Episode 41: Nothing in Particular 5
Tim mentions being in the Blue Man Group show Episode 12: Drunk Presidents and Nicolas Cage 5
They talk about 'Veronica Mars-ing' a situation Episode 62: Sleuthing 4
Tim thinks all beer/coffee/wine/chocolate tastes the same Episode 14: Bathroom Etiquette 4
"You're Awful" segment Episode 68: Public Services (Or An Excuse to Talk About Poop) 3

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