Episode blurb Edit

In this special edition episode of The Complete Guide to Everything, Tim and Tom try to crack the case of the Backpack Bandit. Showing their ability to multitask and solve multiple cases at once, they then take on the case of the U-Haul Truck Trickster. Also Tim debuts his new podcast. This episode was recorded [...][1]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tom: "There were some insufferable people on that elevator. It's not relevant, but."

Tim: "Did I do something on that elevator?"

Tom: "Do something? if you farted, I didn't smell it."


Tim: "I'm going to start a new podcast just with another person who hates you every week. It's gonna be called 'Don't You Hate Tom?'. It's gonna be great. 'Don't You Hate Tom? with Tim'. I'm just going to goad people into saying mean things about you."


Tim: "Tom, it's just networking."

Tom: "That's not what networking is. Contacting my ex-girlfriends is not networking."


Tom: "I think people hate both of us."

Tim: "What's not to like about me?"

Tom: "You're stupid, for one."

Tim: "It's a character. Everyone knows I'm not stupid in real life."

Tom: "On 'Don't You Hate Tom?', you'll be playing an intellectual?"


Tom: "My advice in most situations is - listen, it's not a big deal. But you should probably freak the fuck out."


Tom: "If I ever commit a serious crime, they're going to take this podcast and chop it up to make me sound like the worst human being."




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