Episode blurb Edit

No blurb.[2]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tim: "They weren't magical fucking gnomes from the nether regions or anything."

Tom: "The nether region is something else, Tim. They were not magic gnomes from my balls."

Tim: "From my vagina!"


Tim: "They're the most overrated band in the history of mankind."

Tom: "And whose fault is that, Tim?"

Tim: "The Baby Boomers."


Tim: "These baby boomers are never going to fucking die, they're like the Terminator."


Tim: "You know how teenagers can eat shit? Baby Boomers can eat a dick."


Tom: "And if I'm not mistaken, [Ringo Starr] was the first person to use drumsticks."

Tim: "Yeah, everybody else used to use licorice."


Tim: "You've suddenly turned a little Irish there, you've got a bit of a brogue."

Tom [as John Lennon]: "It's very confusing up in heaven."




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