Summary Edit

Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems, also known as "T and T S your P", is a regular segment that began in episode 22: Hodge Podge. This segment is the longest-running and most common segment on the podcast.

Featured Episodes Edit

The segment is also regularly featured in live shows, as well as being the focus of several episodes:

# Episode
140 Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems
155 Tim and Tom and Dave Solve Your Problems
190 Tim & Tom Solve Your Friend-Making, Friend-Ending and DVD Lending Problems
213 Tim and Tom Solve Even More of Your Problems
309 Tim and Tom Solve Your Problems Yet Again
356 Tim and Tom Solve Even More of Your Problems Again

Problems Edit

# Episode Writer Problem
22 Hodge Podge TBC TBC

Theme Song Edit

A request for theme songs to be submitted was initially made in Episode 206: Superman. In Episode 213: Tim and Tom Solve Even More of Your Problems, submissions were played for listeners to vote. In Episode 214: Trains, it was announced that the winner was "Billy" and his theme song was played in the episode and then played for 77 problem-solving segments in subsequent episodes. The song was discontinued in recent episodes [Episode TBC] after "listener complaints".

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