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Concerned about the possibility of an alien attack? Educate yourself about all things alien by listening to this week’s episode. Also: Tom becomes a brewmaster, we have a frank discussion about ALF, we tell tales of brewery tours, question the mental toughness of drunken hillbillies and discuss the History Channel’s ridiculous programming.[1]

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Tom: "I haven't really been to Starbucks lately."

Tim: "It's been a problem, man. We've haven't had anything to talk about on the show."


Tim: "You know what? I'm very confused about yeast."


Tim: "Tom, all of your stories end with a massive diarrhea-ing."

Tom: "I don't know how, but there was so, so much."


Tim: "I'm afraid of most things, aliens just aren't on my radar... I'm afraid of squirrels, Tom. I get nervous just walkin down the street."


Tom: "I don't need a half-hour show telling me what kinda trouble we'd be in if the Loch Ness monster could fly an airplane."


Tom: "It would make sense, because from what I've heard, the Loch Ness monster is a Holocaust denier."