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Learning England is not still in the 1980s / 1980s / Social Networking / Burritos / TV's Unsolved Mysteries / Three Men and a Baby / Ghost / The Back Room of the Video Store / Overt Perverts / Time Travelers Ruining Tom's Credit / Steve Guttenberg Gets Called Out / A Pervert's Greatest Fear Realized / Buying Smugness / You're Awful / Updates / TCGTE Rebooted / You're Awful: The [...][1]

Running Gags Edit

Quotes Edit

Tom: "I realised when I got there, that everything I knew about England, I knew from like, the 80s?"


Tom: "You were dressed to impress."

Tim: "I was dressed as a bumblebee."

Tom: "A slutty bumblebee."

Tim: "That's implied, Tom."


Tom: "It was obvious. The [porn video] case was a different colour, like bright red or something."

Tim: "It said 'PERVERT' on it."


Tom: "There was no being a casual pervert back then. And being a casual pervert suits me better, to be honest."


Tim: "I got to college and took the language placement exam, & got placed in Beginners 1."

Tom: ""So you got placed into highschool Spanish."""


Tim: "I think people would be very disappointed if they met me. I don't think I'm ever gonna let anyone meet me."


Tim: "We're almost up to 2000 fans, the 2000th fan will get to spend a night with Tom! In the city of their choosing."

Tom: "Not true. Uh. Terms and conditions apply!"

Tim: "Tom will take you to dinner. Do things to ya."




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