Episode blurb Edit

Please excuse the lateness of this episode. Tim's not so smart when it comes to the internet. Next episode will be up at the regular time. In this very special 2010 Winter Olympic preview episode, Tom tries to keep Tim's Olympic Fever in check while they discuss: * the inspirational book The Secret's effect on [...][1]

Quotes Edit

Tim: "I'm a huge Olympics fan!"

Tom: "I've never heard you say that."

Tim: "You know who my favourite team is? Team USA! U-S-A, U-S-A ... I'd prefer if you'd start referring to me, just for the duration of the Olympics of course, as Tim USA. Could you do that?"


Tom: "Is this gonna be like the time when you didn't leave the house and just drank Mountain Dew and ate Doritos all the time?"

Tim: "That's what extreme athletes do! You know me, jumping out of planes onto a snowboard, down the cliff!"

Tom: "No, you won't even ride a bike without a helmet on."

Tim: "Dude, that's just dangerous."


Tim: "You can extinguish the fire burning in my room right now; you can't extinguish the fire burning in my heart for Team USA."


Tim: "There's so much sexting going on these days, it's almost an Olympic sport."


Tim: "Let's do it! 2014. Wanna be a curling duo?"

Tom: "Should we do it for Team USA or should we try and find some rogue country? We should do it for Afghanistan, they don't have a team!"

Tim: "Yeah - you have some Afghani heritage, right?"

Tom: "No, but-"

Tim: "Who cares, they probably don't check."


Tom: "So, 2014 - look for us on Team Afghanistan."

Tim: "They don't do drug testing, do they?"

Tom: "Not for curling."

Tim: "Ok, so we're going to need a lot of adderall."

Tom: "Cocaine, I bet cocaine is good for curling."

Tim: "We should be BLASTED on coke."


Tom: "You can sext us on Facebook- that's probably where we're most active, but we're also active on Twitter ... you can twat at us-"

Tom: "You can also twat me-"

Tim: "Twat all over his face."

Tom: "Well, be a lady about it."